David Deutsch and Naval Ravikant — The Fabric of Reality, The Importance of Disobedience, The Inevitability of Artificial General Intelligence, Finding Good Problems, Redefining Wealth, Foundations of True Knowledge, Harnessing Optimism, Quantum Computing, and More (#662)

Illustration by way of 99designs “Wealth isn’t a quantity. I do not assume it may be very nicely by a quantity. It is the set of all transformations that you’re able to bringing about. That’s your wealth. And if optimism is true, then there is no restrict to wealth.“ —David Deutsch David Deutsch (@DavidDeutschOxf) is … Read more

Dr. Peter Attia — The Science and Art of Longevity (#661)

Illustration through 99designs “To understand what it means to live longer, you have to understand what ends life.” — Dr. Peter Attia Peter Attia, MD (@PeterAttiaMD), is the founding father of Early Medical, a medical follow that applies the rules of Medicine 3.0 to sufferers with the objective of lengthening their lifespan and concurrently enhancing their healthspan. He … Read more

Dr. Andrew Huberman — The Foundations of Physical and Mental Performance, Core Supplements, Sexual Health and Fertility, Sleep Optimization, Psychedelics, and More (#660)

Illustrion by way of 99designs “Sleep, nutrients, exercise, light, relationships — those really establish the foundation of what I consider to be all of the elements that create our ability to move as seamlessly as possible between the states that we happen to be in and the states we desire to be in.” — Dr. … Read more

Dr. Matthew Walker, All Things Sleep — How to Improve Sleep, How Sleep Ties Into Alzheimer’s Disease and Weight Gain, and How Medications (Ambien, Trazodone, and many others.), Caffeine, THC/CBD, Psychedelics, Exercise, Smart Drugs, Fasting, and More Affect Sleep (#650)

Illustration through 99designs “Most of us assume that sleep evolved. But why should we make that assumption? Why isn’t it that sleep was the default state when life emerged, and it was wakefulness that evolved?” — Dr. Matthew Walker Matthew Walker, PhD (@sleepdiplomat), is professor of neuroscience on the University of California Berkeley and founder and … Read more

Legendary Investor Bill Gurley on Investing Rules, Finding Outliers, Insights from Jeff Bezos and Howard Marks, Must-Read Books, Creating True Competitive Advantages, Open-Source Strategies, Adapting Mental Models to New Realities, and More (#651)

Illustration through 99designs “The minute you set a very hard rule, you might be setting yourself up for a mistake. And venture, I have found, is a world where that happens frequently.” — Bill Gurley Bill Gurley (@bgurley) has spent greater than 20 years as a basic associate at Benchmark. Before getting into the enterprise capital … Read more

Famed Explorer Wade Davis — How to Become the Architect of Your Life, The Divine Leaf of Immortality, Rites of Passage, Voodoo Demystified, Optimism because the Purpose of Life, How to Be a Prolific Writer, Psychedelics, Monetizing the Creativity of Your Life, and More (#652)

Illustration through 99designs “The purpose of life is not to triumph over evil but to keep pushing the wheel of justice forward. And when you realize that that is the end point, you then never expect to win. And if you never expect to win, you’re not disappointed when you lose. And because of that, … Read more

Elan Lee, Co-Creator of Exploding Kittens — How to Raise Millions on Kickstarter, Deconstructing Mega-Successes, Secrets of Game Design, The Power of Positive Constraints, The Delights of Craftsmanship, and The Art of Turning Fans into Superfans (#653)

Illustration through 99designs “I don’t want a game to be in the spotlight. I want the players to be in the spotlight.” — Elan Lee Elan Lee (@elanlee) is the co-creator and chief government officer of Exploding Kittens, a number one gaming and leisure firm. Under his management, Exploding Kittens has expanded its portfolio to almost … Read more

Dr. Matthew Walker, All Things Sleep Continued — The Hidden Dangers of Melatonin, Tools for Insomnia, Enhancing Learning and Sleep Spindles, The Upsides of Sleep Divorce, How Sleep Impacts Sex (and Vice Versa), Adventures in Lucid Dreaming, The One Clock to Rule Them All, The IP Addresses of Your Memories, and More (#654)

Illustration through 99designs “At the moment when we analyze the data, and I’m sitting there with a student or I’m analyzing data, and we finally run the statistics, at that moment in time, if I’m lucky, I know something that has never been understood in the entirety of human civilization, and I cannot tell you … Read more

In Case You Missed It: January 2023 Recap of “The Tim Ferriss Show” (#655)

Welcome to a different episode of The Tim Ferriss Showthe place it’s my job to deconstruct world-class performers to tease out the routines, habits, et cetera you could apply to your individual life. This is a particular inbetweenisode, which serves as a recap of the episodes from final month. It encompasses a quick clip from … Read more

Professor John Vervaeke — How to Build a Life of Wisdom, Flow, and Contemplation (#657)

Illustration by way of 99designs “Knowledge is about overcoming ignorance. Wisdom is about overcoming foolishness.” — Professor John Vervaeke John Vervaeke (@vervaeke_john) is a professor of psychology on the University of Toronto. He presently teaches programs on considering and reasoning with an emphasis on cognitive growth, intelligence, rationality, mindfulness, and the psychology of knowledge. Vervaeke is … Read more